IAAC – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
Applied Theory I – Master class
Faculty, Curated by: Mathilde Marengo

Invited guest: Javier Mellado, Manager of KUKA Iberia Customer Service – Iberoamerican Cluster.


Topic: What is KUKA doing towards making robots easier to integrate (and collaborate with) existing processes, in line with the INDUSTRY 4.0 Paradigm?

In addition to the functions of normal industrial robots, the next generation of intelligent machines is endowed with all the capabilities that characterise cyber-physical systems in the Internet of Things. Moreover, they incorporate additional intelligence, enabling them to control their motions with greater precision, for example. KUKA calls robots with these capabilities “Industrie-4.0-ready”.

 The vision behind the next industrial revolution networks humans and machines in production and requires maximum flexibility of systems. For many years now, KUKA has been working on realising this vision – and is at the heart of the action: intelligent machines, such as cobots and platforms that only distantly resemble our image of industrial robots, already exist. They collaborate directly with humans, or they are mobile, or they combine both of these capabilities. And they use knowledge from the cloud.

There are 4 revolutions of Robotics that compose the Industry 4.0:

  • Robot-based automation
  • Sensitive and safe robot-based automation
  • Mobile robot based automation
  • Robot-based automation with cognitive capabilities

Looking back some years ago, we go back when the first cobot was integrated in Germany. Nobody could imagine the collaboration between humans and robots being something possible and nobody couldn’t imagine what would go next and not even today.

But there is something that we do know and it is that the technological developments progress year by year and in every step we walk.