DPS. Design Project Studio
Climatic Matter
Thesis Advisors: Lluís Viu Rebés and Jordi Pagés

Rather than to frame architecture as an energetic or a geometric issue Climatic Matter Thesis studio aims at problematizing architecture’s physical materiality. Within the depths of matter and its internal consistency, within the realm of pure organization devoid of cultural interferences, metaphors and meanings, where beauty is not taken into account, that one can focus on strategies to develop novel proposals for architecture. The focus of the studio is to abandon the glitz of the surface, to abandon the visible and its panoply of image simulators in order to overturn the experiment into an operative and performative act: developing, testing and building non-gravitational Climatic Matter.

Over the years of teaching at IaaC, Climatic Matter studio faculty have developed a speculative and opportunistic agenda that embraces architecture´s contemporary paradigms – sustainability and object oriented programing – and synthesized them into an operative method that purposely avoids metaphors. The studio aims at implementing systematic and methodological processes that imbricate the ecological and the digital, a consistent palimpsest of environmental and parametric design processes tested under non gravitational conditions (underwater) for the purpose of eliminating our research form the ultimate architectural metaphor of all: the gravitational determination of site. Through suspending dynamic and unstable material aggregates, under a fluid and viscous milieu, we aim at building algorithms that will ultimately surface as Climatic Matter. The agenda of the studio is pure process. The language is geometry. The context is underwater. Abstraction is the instrument have been favored to achieve, develop and materially build prototypes of non-gravitational Climatic Matter .

Final Submission of the Individual Thesis will be composed of a written and illustrated portfolio, scientific paper, as well as substantial models and prototypes that are shown in a final exhibition designed and set up by the students.

MAA02 2015/17 – Reformative Seascape. Anastasia Stephany Marcella MAA02 2014/
MAA02 2014/16 – MERCURIAL LANDSCAPE, Raissa Petreira