Faculty: Eduardo Chamorro Martin

Digital Prototyping for Architecture is a course which purpose is to explore the relationship between digital driven design and digital fabrication at architecture scale.

Advanced manufacturing and new design methodologies are not only changing how we work, live and play but reshaping the processes and interactions in the cities and societies. The introduction of those processes into the architectural industry is changing the paradigm on how we conceive the architectural method. The technological revolution of the 3rd industrial revolution and advancement of digital manufacturing have brought new concepts to architecture. Not only the ability to produce non-standard parts but the ability to bring into consideration many more conditioning on the design workflows to develop performance designs with effective fabrication methods. This mediation between the old know-edge and new techniques is making the process as important as the end work, all becoming a whole.


We will focus on defining the rules and proper methodologies of the equipment based on the target design. Focusing on the implementation on machining and post processing workflows for sustainable fabrication in laser cutting, cnc machining, 3d printing, molding and casting and composites. During the course, participants will be involved in a dynamic workflow studying theoretical concepts associated with manufacturing as well as design for production processes. How the design informs fabrication and vice versa. By the end of the course the students should be confident with design processes, modeling and fabrication as well as the processes involved in the relation between them. Making them able to produce designs and fabricate them inventing methodologies and strategies to achieve their designs. They will also learn how to design for production and the use of the digital fabrication equipment on their own following the concerns about safety, waste management and footprint reduction.