Faculty: Jordi Vivaldi Piera

The last few decades have confirmed the evidence of a spectacular change of paradigms in the definition of our spaces of relation, interaction and sociability. These transformations have to do with the current and accelerated growth of the technological capacity to process information, increase communication and multiply the differential definitions of our environments. This change of paradigms is associated to a new Advanced Knowledge whose theoretical framework will be investigated in this Seminar through a series of readings that have been crucial in the conformation of our “zeitgeist”. This seminar will be based on a multidisciplinary approach to the notion of Antrobology as it is defined by Eric Sadin, who defines our era as the “intimate communion in between bodies and data”. Within this framework, the notion of Nature looses its harmonic and contemplative role, replacing it by a much more operative and technological vocation. The twenty readings proposed in this course go deeply into this new understanding, although its multidisciplinary nature encourages a social, technological, political and architectonical approach. The course will be delivered in lectures, workshops and critical discussions. The target consists in constructing a critical approach towards Advanced Ecological Buildings that on the one hand is deeply specific and concrete, while on the other hand provides a multidisciplinary approach in order to grasp the complexity of our era. During the first term, each student will produce a reasoned reflection on one of the readings, which will be used in the the last term in order to critically analyse 5 different Advanced Ecological Buildings through a methodological catalogue. The faculty will help students to construct a suitable/radical discourse on their chosen reading, instigating to develop their own voice within a rigorous and critical position.