This project researches what could be done with 3d printing to generate light filtration. The references it has are the basic screw and the complex tunnels of canyons.
       The tunnels are achieved by screwing 3d printed pieces into a centerpiece that is located in the middle of the brick. This assembly is done step by step.
The form of the 3d printed pieces creates a complex surface from which the light is reflected in unexpected ways just like in a canyon cave. The brick looks as if it constructed from inside out. While it holds its shape as a brick on the outside it is complex on the inside.
       There is an order for disassembling the pieces which start with the corner pieces. After the corner pieces next are the side pieces which are wider and finally the centerpiece.
The light filtration is generated between the bricks which means while one brick receives light the other emits it.
The 3d printed pieces are created parametrically which means they can vary in shape, size, and texture.
Through our experimentation, we found out that the pieces are hard to take out specifically because the grabbing areas are on the outer most edges of the 3d printed pieces. Which results in the pieces breaking apart while disassembly.  Our research shows that taking out the pieces is easier when the pieces have a percentage of them out of the cast. Otherwise, this issue could be solved by putting grabbing areas inside of the pieces.
       Each of the 3d printed parts, except the centerpiece, takes approximately 5 hours to print with zero infills and are structurally stable because of their shapes. The centerpiece has 10% infill to ensure stability. In the end, all the pieces took 55 hours in total to print and it took 785 grams of hipps (filament) as material.






Extra Materials

Liquıd vaseline   –    Tape   –    Hot Glue   –    4mm Acrylic

Production Process

Finished printing on saturday    –   First brick broke   –   Second Brick suvived but 7 3d parts broke (Half of our mold)   –   with half a mold we casted 4 halves


Tolga Kalcioglu  –  Aysel Abasova  –  Nicholas Saade  –  Hena Micoogullari