Robots are being used in increasing numbers in manufacturing throughout the world. The expanded use of industrial robots in manufacturing and the increased projections of greater numbers in the future has resulted in a greater interest by the construction robots are expected to improve working conditions, reduce accidents and increase constriction productivity. Robotics in the construction industry is a young and fast growing interdisciplinary field.

This research focus on existing robotics and automation in  construction process and new emerging robotic technologies, all while keeping in mind the societal implications the new technologies may have. The study identifies and analyzes the benefits and limitations of a wide array of robotic applications.

The end result of this project could be extended to the construction industry as a whole.


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Robotics and Automation in AEC Industry is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (M.R.A.C.) in 2018 by,

Student:  Subhash Prajapat

Faculty: Ricardo Devesa