SO.7 – Elective Seminar
Tutors: Alexandre Dubor, Djordje Stanojevic

With designers seeking to push the limits of what is possible using computational design, parametric modeling techniques, and real-time process feedback, industrial robotic tools have emerged as an ideal development platform to reconsider way of materializing digital complexity.


  Robotic Fabrication _ IAAC

This introduction seminar will be the place to learn and discuss about the implication of robots in architecture and how it challenges actual production processes towards new design opportunities. As a study case, the seminar will focus on the robotic assembly of complex timber structure. Using a gripper on a 7 axis robot arm in combination with a series of fixed subtractive tools (Circular saw, Milling, Driller…) students will be invited to develop and test new joinery and assembly system for large scale wood structure. The seminar will conclude with the design and fabrication of 1.1 scale artifacts, with a fabrication driven design.

Robotic Fabrication _ IAAC (2)