Master in City & Technology Second Year 2018/20- Term I
Seminar Name: 
Research & Methods
Dr. Mathilde Marengo

In the second year of the Master in City & Technology, students focus on the development of an in-depth individual research agenda. The Research & Methods course is a platform oriented to the development of specific scientific skills, acquired through practice, in-line with the learning by doing methodology applied at IAAC, allowing the students to critical thinking and research competencies, to be applied in a personal and independent way to their specific research agenda.

This includes all phases of the research, from designing the thesis itself, the program of study, to practical information on localizing sources and databases, defining key research objectives, selecting a methodology, designing and developing experiments, determining a related and selected bibliography, and compiling the thesis delivery in itself, all focused on understanding and prioritising information.

Research Map, MAA02 Individual Thesis, AlgaeCrete, Student: Fabio Rivera, Advisor: Marcos Cruz, C-Bio.Ma, 2018


The course will be run in a mixed format consisting in short lectures and development exercises. Each class/development exercise, the students will treat a new subject related to their research development, from planning their research, methods and skills, research protocols and databases, to the delivery of their thesis.

Research Context, MAA02 Individual Thesis, A+A+A, Student: Pablo Augustin Vivas, Advisor: Peter Trummer with Jordi Vivaldi, The City in the Age of Hyperobjects, 2018