The project aimed at fabricating the facade of Emerson College, Morphosis Architect by understanding the material properties and fabrication strategies. The goal was to fabricate the supporting joints of folded panel solar screen by 3D Printing.

A key element in the system is the Folded Panels Solar Screen which helps to shade and lower the temperature of air in the exterior corridors and circulation spaces around the academic and residential spaces. The parameters of the solar screen design only required that it provides enough shading and open area to allow for successful natural ventilation of interior spaces.

While its intent is functional, they used the screens as an opportunity to create an aesthetically dynamic facade that change with the surrounding environment. As the sunlight changes throughout the day the shadows and reflection of each panel transform activating the facade’s surface and enclosing the exterior plazas in vibrant surface.

Credit :- Emerson college, Morphosis Architect pdf.


Production Calculation

– Machine – Zortrax M200     – Slicing Software – Z-suite      – Print Time – 3 hours 11 minutes      – Material – Z-ABS 

–  Layer Thickness – 0.19 MM     – Nozzle Diameter – 0.4 MM      – Infill – 50%      – Fan Speed – Auto      – Seam – Normal      

–  Support – n/a      – Max. wall thickness – 3.13 MM      – First layer Density – 100 %      – First layer gap – 0.30 MM     

– Raft layers – 7      – Plattform-raft gap – 0.22 MM

Fabrication Strategy


Final Model


Emerson College, Morphosis Architect is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master of Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Michelle Bezik, Stefanie Thaller, Chirag Shah and Faculty: Ricardo Mayor Luque, Lana Awad and Shyam Zonca

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