Sculpture at Barcelona Pavilion

Design Concept

The element to intervene in the pavilion was the water mirror located in the back, an intimate space with a sculpture on the water, delimited by a wall with a marbol finish with blue and gray shades that highlight the texture and its organic pattern .
The element of recursive topology aims to reinterpret the texture of the marbol that surrounds the space and incorporate the existing statue to generate, through sinuous profiles, a new platform of multiple uses on water.
Among its applications stands out the exhibition of new works of art, sculptures, nature or spaces for rest where the user can sit and lean in the sinuous forms that adapt to the body or walk on the new waves that are suspended on the water mirror.

Sinewave platform using one attractor point

Sinewave platform using two attractor points

MAA_Master in Advanced Architecture 2017-2018
Author: Mario Alberto Espinoza
Faculty: Aldo Soollazo | Rodrigo Aguirre