Master in City & Technology 2021/22 – All Terms
Theory of Cities Masterclass
Curated by: Alex Mademochoritis

During this masterclass, students will be challenged to develop their own critical thinking capacities about cities through the formation of novel ideas about the current state of urbanism and technology. They will be asked to investigate diverse phenomena that stimulate their theoretical interests and avoid forming abstract generalizations about today’s urban environment.

This transversal theoretical course is structured along the three central topics of the Master Program: The Internet of Cities, The Internet of People and The Internet of Buildings. It aims to bring the Master in City & Technology students in direct contact with the front-running professionals of this multidisciplinary field. Through masterclasses, debates, book readings, articles. movies and research papers, they will be immersed in the investigation of the problematics that surround the urban realm in the 21st century.

At the end of this seminar, students will be asked to critically communicate their ideas about cities, communities, technologies, social space and the built environment.


The Course is developed in a transversal manner, throughout the entire Master program, following the main topic of each term: Term 1 – Internet of Cities, Term 2 – Internet of People, Term 3 – Internet of Buildings.

The course curator will give an introductory session to the course, followed by a content-oriented analysis of research methodology applied to the topics of city and technology-oriented to opening the critical thought-path of the students attending.

During each term, students will attend Master Classes, as well as the Responsive Cities Symposium, all part of the content of the course and therefore obligatory events.


Alex Mademochoritis is a Greek-French architect and urban technologist whose investigations focus on the innovative intersection of urbanism and data science for the transformation of urban environments into responsive, human-centered, ecological and intelligent cities. He holds a degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the Technical Educational Institute of Athens and a Master in City & Technology (MaCT) from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC).

He is the coordinator of IAAC’s MaCT – a master’s program oriented towards redefining the analysis, planning, and design of cities – and faculty at the IAAC’s Advanced Architecture Group (AAG) – an interdisciplinary research group investigating emerging technologies of information, interaction and manufacturing for the design and transformation of cities, buildings and public spaces.

His research is also actuated as a founding member of the AAG’s Urbanism & Big Data Research Team, in which he investigates how the combination of big data & computational design can help us not only explore, analyze and evaluate cities but also generate design solutions for the urban environment.