Concept_LLUM Festival

       >> For the conceptual approach of this project, we decided to consider the historical events that took place in S. Eulalia’s life in order to became a saint. The devious closure that she suffer [in hands of the roman empire] due to tortures [ 13 specifically]  produced on her a tremendous physical and psychological  disruption. Our focus remained on the interstice of the different tortures that put her through the most painful and significant moment of her young age, knowing the fact that she was practically a child[13 years old] when all this event occurred. In our understanding of these facts, we believe that until some point, the moments of torture indeed, did not meant inasmuch the moments in between might imply a bigger psychological trauma. Is due to this reason, our project is called interstice, as in we want to reinterpret this specific moment in her martyr life.

CurrentSpace_LLUM Festival

>> We started the proposal for this installation by understanding the site and its opportunities and limitations. We rapidly identified two different scenarios in this area, the entrance which kind of frames the second space [double height] and provides the importance and resonance of the last space in mention. Within this specificity we decided to create two moments in the installation; the first one will simulate a hazy atmosphere where the uncertainty is predominant, while in the second space will contain an itinerant frame which opens and closes answering to the interaction proposed.

Proposal_LLUM Festival

>>The interaction of this installation actually remains in the holograms and the itinerant panel. This holograms that are subject to the post [13 posts] in the floor will contain words related to the tortures. When the visitors put their hands in the base of the posts [all of them], the luminous panel will open in a remembrance of the 13 tortures that S.Eulalia suffered. The panel will represent the colophon of her agony.

Proposal_LLUM Festival

>>Interstice is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master of Advanced Architecture MAA02 [2014-2016] by:

Studends: Kunal Chadha  // Ksenia Dyusembaeva // Diego Ramirez // Borislav Schalev

Faculty: Silvia Brandi // Maria Kuptsova // Angel Munoz // Alexander Dubor // Leandro Ferron