As Kashmir is facing an increasing frequency and intensity of disasters that are natural as well as man-made,  the impact on the economy and the construction & development sector is massive, it is obvious that the infrastructure built several years ago cannot fulfill its purpose. However, erasing the past and culture cannot be the solution. The new building regulations and lack of material availability have caused a reduction in climate and culture-responsive construction. There needs to be an interdisciplinary approach cutting across social, political, and environmental disciplines, all strengthened by the wisdom of the community.


The “Jewel of Srinagar,Kashmir”

dal Lake

Dal lake – Srinagar, Kashmir

Introduction // Context


Opportunity // Problem

Dal lake Shrinking


Figure showing various project and the funds allocated

How does the Government See it?

how does the government see it?

Figure showing 1971 – 2035 master plan strategies and plans for the lake

Opportunity // Solutions

houseboats opportunity

Figure showing existing houseboat models in the famous Dal lake

Figure showing how combing local craft with advanced fabrication techniques for new houseboat model will solve the various issues of relocation and sustainable development etc

Validation // State of the art

de ceuvel

Validation // Plan

validation plan

Validation // Target customers

The Market

the market

Implementation Plan

implementation plan

Funding for the project

Kashmir urban analysis and refurbishment – Reimagining Dal lake is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture in the seminar Business Innovation in 2021/22 by Student: Abrar Ali and Faculty: Davide Rovera