Seminar Faculty: Djordje Stanojevic

Digital Fabrication is an introductory course on new production techniques through the relation between computer data and machine oriented materialization. CNC machines were introduced in the middle XXth century into industry, changing the conception of the production of objects and parts (mainly in automotive and military industries, and then into mass-consumed products). The relationship between architecture and digital fabrication CAD / CAM processes in architecture is not new anymore, it started during the last two decades of the XXth century, bringing in a new relationship that is not only affecting the way architecture is produced, but is changing the way machines are constructed and conceived for the production of architecture. So far the relation between architecture and digital fabrication has been focused in the production of non-standard parts/components and speculation around the form as an end itself. The digital fabrication course will encourage students to re-search on the use of tools as the means for the form/function optimal relation, and at the same time will promote the exploration through the design/production process.


The course will explore different scales of production of architecture using Digital Fabrication techniques such as: CNC cutting (laser), 3D printing, CNC milling, molding and casting and composites, design and fabrication. One of the goals is to introduce the thinking around the function, by following the evolution of the design through iterations of production as a workflow.The course will be structured in three main assignments: – CNC Cutting. Installation at IAAC building in 1:1 scale- CNC Milling. Molding, casting and composites explorations.- 3D printing. Structure optimization, and customized production.Assignments will be based on 3 week cycle, going through conceptual and prototyping process of design. The course will be developed in coordination with the Digital Tools course. A previous knowledge on 3D modeling will be required for this course.