3D View 4 copy555555 HEMPself is a wall structure, that produce energy for a production of hemp. The main aim for the structure/machine is to start a production cycle of plants, which can be used in the daily life at Valdaura. The machine use waste products from the house of Valdaura in form of grey water. The grey water is pumped from the house to a plantation with help from windturbines. The grey water is filtered and comes out as clean water. In the process the the filtration system (phytodepuration) provide water for the plantation. The structure protects the hemp plantation from the strong wind from the north, and allow the sun to reach the plants from the south. The small plants are placed near the structure, because they need more shelter from the wind. When the small plants are strong enough, they will be placed further away the wall. In the end the plants will be harvested and will be used as components for structures, textiles etc.. The structure is built out of hemp, which the plantation grows. In that way the cycle produce itself. The cycle of HEMPself is made. #01 HEMPself prototype specs: Weight: 7 kg Production: 1.7 volts (top turbine) + 1.3 volts (lower turbine) Windspeed at test: (with 6 m/s) Next steps

  1. Testing #01 HEMPself with different angles of the adjustablefoils
  2. Measure the #01 HEMPself and analyze the outout (test it outside and with a fan)
  3. Use ECOTECT to analyze #01 HEMPself
  4. Find new suitable generators (the old burned down)
  5. Research an alternative to resin – bioresin or materials from local bees?
  6. Use gravity/capilarity to get the greywater from the house of Valdaura.
  7. Investigate a way to pump the clean water back to the house of Valdaura
  8. Investegate alternative ways for the use of the electricity from the windturbines.
  9. Investegate how the slope can collect rain water.
  10. How to design the backside of the HEMPself – solarsystem for small plants?
  11. Investigate the scale of the machine

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