The goal of our proposal is to create an animated, interactive

and informative social space, the mood and character

of which transforms over time based on the interaction of

visitors with projections. This transformation aims to evoke a

sensationn of increasing tension as a metaphorical reference

to the locations dark history which is marked by discrimination,

persicution and political as well as physical violence

against a christion minority.

Initially, the space will calm and relaxing (soft ambiance

lighting in blue and purple, subtle music or backgroiund

sounds, slowly morphing shapes projected onto the walls)

as to provide a serene, yet slightly surreal environment for

contemplation and calm social interaction.

The change of mood is brought about incrementally by

visitors participating in a game. If one manages to follow

and stay in contact with crosses of light projected onto and

moving across the _oor for longer than 15 seconds (cameras

or laser sensors will detect such contact), pieces of information

about the places history will appear next to the cross.

The more information is revealed (i.e. interactive projections

are triggered), the less calm the environment will become.

Ambiance lighting will change to more drastic colours (orange

and red), the music will become more fast-paced, fog

will be di_used into the space (obscuring vision and orientation)

and strobe light will create and aggetated, almost frantic

environment culminating in the extreme opposite of the

initial calm and relaxed mood.

Authors: Tobias Deeg, Martin Hristov