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The central theme of the project was to create a structure that arose from a flat plane into a three-dimensional object while challenging the properties of the materials used.

The uniqueness of the structure lies in the individual strips that lift from the flat surface, requiring no joints hence forming smooth curves.


The structure evolved over time to its final result where the support members were shifted from the exterior to the interior. Also a few curves were detached from the end strips in order to break the monotony of the overall structure.

Furthermore the strips created evolved from being just horizontal strips to multi directional curves using the laser cutter to our advantage.

Although the bending was done against the grains of the wood we were able to achieve the required result by laser cutters precision to create small perforations onto the surface.

To allow further bending of the wood, it was bent while wet. The inner structure was then fitted to hold the bend in place.

Through this process, it was possible to bend the two strips to achieve a gap of more than 15cm between them. Various distances have been used along the entire model that makes the overall structure more dynamic.

Additionally as the whole board was used to create the structure not much waste was generated from the process.


  1. Laser cut the perforations perpendicular to the curve required.
  2. Wet the board for about 2minutes either by spraying or soaking (both methods were tried and gave positive results)
  3. Bend the curve to the distance required and hold in place for a few seconds. Insert the central structure that would hold the bend while the structure dries and also as as the spine of the model.

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Group 12 |  Akanksha Kargwal – Mamta Srinivas – Irina Shaklova