With the aid of interactive physics simulations we can create digital materiality and real life behavior as a form finding protocol. The aim of this assignment will be to create an live-interactive installation using forces as parameters using Kangaroo as main engine. The main goal will be to build a simple interface where the user can “play” with inputs such as attractors, sliders, functions and time to transform an object in space.

Grasshopper + Kangaroo


code developement

1 – create surface

2 – convert to mesh

3 – randomize points

4 – elevate points

5 – simulate solver

6 – mesh post processing

analyzing surface transformation 

form finding exploration


Symbiote is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MAA01 in 2019-20 by: Students: Frank Feng Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre (tutor), Mohamad Elatab (tutor), Ivan Marchuk (assistant), Oana Taut (assistant)