Forces of Nature

The Aim of the exercise is to create a structure on IaaC’s roof using Kangaroo2 on Grasshopper and  manipulate forces.

Inspired by the projects of « NUMEN/FOR USE » creating spaces out of stretched fabric, tape… I imagined a capsule that could be installed in many points that would inflate and rise up providing a little cocoon for us students. We spend long days sometimes at IaaC and a little comfy place to take a nap or just enjoy Barcelona’s sun and the view would be very adequate.

The first approach was to design the capsule as a sphere (like a balloon) but after simulating a floor full of them, a lot of space was wasted. A cube was finally chosen instead of complicated geometric forms to keep it simple.The cube is fixed to the ground by its four bottom vertices, and at the top by the 4 mid points of it sides, creating a twisted form and providing a flower shaped opening on top.

Francois NOUR