The project aimed at fabricating the facade of Junction 9 while understanding the material properties and efficient fabrication strategies. The goal was to translate the flux of the existing facade using the laser cutting technique.

Credits: Modern Office of Design + Architecture

Junction 9 by MoDA is a re-imagination of a two-story building by developing a screen made of vertical fins which were made of 100-year-old abandoned fir. The design was made to replicate the flowing movement happening inside the building.

A topographic relief of varying depths applied to the vertical fins creates an alternating field of opacity and transparency when viewed from different angles, putting the screen in a constant state of flux.


Production time calculation

The strategy was to join the laser cut fins and the frame using the tongue and groove joint. 3mm plywood was used and the model was fabricated in 32 minutes. Sample modules were cut to test the tolerances for joining and the strength of the fins. The tolerance of the joinery was tested such that there was no need for adhesives or additional reinforcements.




FLUX – Parametric skins: Junction 9 is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master of Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students:  Prarthana Sudhindra, Tullio Polisi and Pablo Mendez and Faculty: Ricardo Mayor Luque, Lana Awad and Shyam Zonca