Fablab parade engages the local community to take part in the reusing process.

Shredder machine, 3D printing machine, extrusion machine, injection machine, compression machine, laser cutters, milling machine, and others are placed on the moving platform. The parade is a “happening”, which makes the society more aware of the waste management issues and shows the possibility to create new objects from the old ones. People attracted by the parade can bring plastic, wood, metal and textile waste to the storage points and take part in the reusing procedure.
The process involves creating different scale furniture and other public space elements with the fab lab machines. Some of them are used to reshape the public space and others can replace broken furniture for personal usage. The more the parade gets popular, the more the public takes over the private.
It is an opportunity to learn, celebrate and have a positive contribution in the public space.

Scale: 150 m x 150 m
Period: 16 hours
Project variable
Moving fablab platform 6m x 6m
Parade participants/makers
200 People attracted by the parade
Portable storage containers 5
Garbage containers
changes according to the time
urban furniture that changes according to the stage of the parade
cars that changes according to the location of the parade




Project name: Fab Lab Parade
Programming the Perpetual Unknowns
Computing an Architectural Fiction or Sand Automated Machine
Is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Developed at
Master in Advanced Architecture
Introductory Studio – Machinic Protocols
Students: Fechner Maria, Saade Nicolas, Kassouf Tarek
Faculty: Edouard Cabay with Rodrigo Aguirre and Peter Magnus