Project Brief :

The project brief is designed to tackle the climate change that has happened in the Earth’s atmosphere over the period of time, because of multiple human interventions, which has increased the amount of greenhouse gases on an enormous scale. The main idea of the design approach is to reduce this effect of greenhouse gases by Carbon capture and tackle the effects of climate change from micro to macro level

Major reasons for Atmospheric Climate Change:

  • Solar Radiation
  • Ozone Layer Depletion
  • Greenhouse Gases

From the above parameters greenhouse gases has major impact in damaging the climate of earth. The major ratio of constituent in greenhouse gases has been occupied by carbon dioxide(CO2). Over the period of time CO2 emissions has drastically increased in Earth’s atmosphere.

Scenario: Rise of CO2 Emission

Since the existence of  the nature on the earth the natural carbon cycle is running very effectively with the help of natural carbon absorbers such as:

  • Ground
  • Water
  • Plants

However, due to advancement in the technology especially after industrial revolution 40% of CO2 emission has increased, which has created imbalance in this natural cycle of carbon. The quantity of carbon has increased on tremendous scale which is no more possible for natural absorbers to clean the atmosphere.

Before Industrial Revolution

After Industrial Revolution

Hence, in order to restore the balance of carbon emission and to clean the atmosphere, an architectural intervention is necessary on a global level, that can cure the scenario for future as well as current generations.

Decarbonizor Tower : An approach towards the atmosphere

Decarbonizor tower is speculated to reduce the carbon emission from the atmosphere and convert the carbon into mineral rock formation, eventually using the same carbon with the help of algae bio-reactor converting that into oxygen, cleaning the atmosphere.

After Decarbonizor Intervention

Main Process:

The main concept on which decarbonizor is working involves the igneous rocks or the rocks from the ocean crust, which are allowed to react with air in atmosphere. During this process, carbon in the air reacts with the rocks with the help of water which acts as a catalyst in this chemical process.

The major idea of this process is to capture the carbon the from the air and store that carbon in to rock formation as a permanent exclusion of captured carbon from the atmosphere. In addition to this, the tower has a secondary process of using that stored carbon, when passed through the algae bio-reactor converts that stored carbon to oxygen acting as an air cleanser.

Conceptual Idea of tower

Schematic Drawings:

The process in the tower

Orthogonal Views

Algae Bio-Reactor

Carbon capturing fans and Oxygen Releasing Spheres

From the diagrams, the explanation of the tower is clear about how the fans are used to capture the air, which then travels to the bottom of the tower where the chemical reaction of the carbon with igneous rocks in presence of water is happened, which converts the captured carbon in permanent rock formation and also that stored carbon with the help of bio-reactor converts that carbon dioxide into oxygen and is released through the hemispheres in all directions. This entire system forms a circular approach towards the carbon cycle.

Different Uses Of Stored Carbon:

  • Better furniture
  • Clean concrete
  • A metal alternative
  • Fuel For Future

Final Render View:

Projectile For Future:

As a projectile for future if multiple cities and countries accept this technology of capturing and storing carbon and then using them for future as fuel replacement and many miscallaneous uses, apart from that this captured carbon after being converted into oxygen and released in atmosphere will clean the air.

Projectile For Future


Decarbonizor Tower // Speculative Landscape is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed  Master in Advanced Architecture in 2021/2022 by:
Students: Divya Shah, Angelina Ovsyanikova
Faculty: Mireia Luzarraga