Data City

Tutors: Pablo Martinaz & Mar Santamaria

Students: Abhignya Grandhi & Pratyaksh Sharma

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona – Spain
Master’s in City and Technology 2016 – 2017

During this course we got the change to pay with Data Sets of the city of Barcelona and play with new and interesting tools in order to analyse the city in a new Urban context. In the beginning of the course we analysed the city with 5 different locations and settlement segments in the city of Barcelona based on the analysis we were proposed a site namely Ciutat vella district in Barcelona. Our research and analysis mainly focused the commercial activities in an Urban context and its distributive locations. We analysed Ciutat Vella District which is the main city center district in the city of Barcelona and studied and analysed it’s commercial existence and activities of the area among keeping other aspects in mind.

With this research and analysis we came up with a proposal in-order to re-distribute the activities and bring them alive keeping the people of the district away from the distraction and noises as much as we can and maybe can see if there could be an increase in the population density of the area. With our proposal we wanted to state that along with the width of the road in the district we could re-distribute and re-analyse the Activities on the wider streets and as the one’s being highly active whilst keeping the low key activities within the closer streets or the streets with lesser width of the streets. In our presentation (attached below) you can find the analysis done on the District along with the proposal for improvement in better circulation of commercial and activities within the district. Hence creating equal distribution of spaces and activities within the District of Ciutat Vella, Barcelona improving the buffer zones within the district.

 DATA CITY – Final