Following my interest on how computational design and parametrization affect other disciplines outside of architecture, my application would be a configurator that allow to test jewelries and clothes in real time. The landing page would be a minimalist black one with the title (BODY-TECTURE) and a brief description of the configurator. After clicking on the title, we will access the 3d model page. There are five main headers necklace, dress, bracelet, more options and price. The first three headers are related to the garments we see in in the 3d model, by clicking these three headers we can see a rendered image of these garments, below each one the sliders allow to manipulate factors that will affect the form of them in real time. The more options header allows to hide the body or any of the garments if the user intends to visualize the accessorizes independently and download the intended file if needed. The price header calculates the total price of the garments visible in the view so if one of the garments is hidden its price won’t be calculated, and if one of the garments volume is modified with the sliders the price will be affected.




















The rendered views appears when the  dress, bracelet, necklace headers are pressed.



The users of the configurator will be women. In the future, I intend to upgrade it in order  to be used by men and kids , furthermore add a feature that allow to input the body dimensions so that the model would be generated depending on the dimension of the user. The main challenges were getting  familiar with the coding languages , and optimizing the script to reduce computation time due to the large amount of meshes and edges in the model.

Bodytecture is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design 2021/2022 by Student: Charbel Baliss Lead Faculty: David Andres Leon and Hesham Shawky