The Mapping of Systems in Understanding the Multi-Facets of Architectural Environments in User, Spatial and Environmental Relationships

BIQ Algae House – Expansive

BIQ Algae House – Distributive

BIQ Algae House – Conformitive


Architectural elements have evolved over time by developing new methods to adapt to the present. Simple features such as facades have now become more than just an object for shade and protection, it has now developed into a platform for energy generation, a canvas to showcase art and a variety of other facets.

This cartography tries to analyse the relationships between various fields in developing such complex forms of architecture through conformitve, distributive and expansive relations.

BIQ Algae House – Cartography is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture in 2018 by:
Students: Abhay Devidas, Ashwin Varma Dandu, Neel Mahesbhai Prajapati, Sara Kelliane Alvesdacosta, Sri Sai Tarun Kovuru, Surayyn Uthaya Selvan
Faculty: Jordi Vivaldi, Manuel Gausa
Assistant: Mohamad Elatab