Lilas Installation by Zaha Hadid Architects

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Zaha Hadid Architects created a temporary installation on the occasion of the gallery’s world-renowned fundraiser The Summer Party, which took place on July 11, 2007.

The installation was sited on the lawn next to the gallery for a week. It was designed as an open-air space, 5.5 meters in height, which consisted of three identical fabric structures or parasols arrayed around a central point. Each parasol developed sculpturally from a small articulated base to a large cantilevered diamond shape. 1


Image 2

Decoding Lila

To understand the logic behind this parametric Installation this project must be decompose following a macro and micro analysis. The criteria to follow evaluates this pavilion as an entire object, starting from the base platform, then finding the correct orientation of three vertical components A single vertical component can be deconstructed by a loft analysis using three different curves, ground curve, intermediate curve and ceiling curve.

The main criteria of the design, and thus the main focus of this exercise was to decoded this structure by:

  • Generate Primary curves along Z axis
  • Deform each of the curves
  • Generate a loft operation along these curves

Pseudo Code


Generate a curve, base outline will determinate where to create each of the vertical elements

Fix Curve dimensions accordantly to the existing base plan

Deconstruct the curve in order to place three vertical components 0 Curve

Polar Array 0 Curve  in order to generate three elements inside the base outline curve


Move the previous curve to in +Z direction / offset this curve in order to create the initial base curve A Curve

Move  Curve above the A Curve, scale up dimensions, rotate in order to generate a different interaction, generate B Curve

Move 0 Curve above the B Curve, scale up dimensions, rotate in order to generate a different interaction.

Apply this to the remaining two vertical elements


Generate a loft surface between the fixed borderline and the curves previously created

Code Development



Pavilion Interaction

Top Left: Intermediate Line removed

Top Right: Double elements arrayed +Scale down Upper Curve

Bottom Left: Vertical Element’s Center Point attached t to platform’s center

Bottom Right: Rotation of  Upper Curve + increased size of intermediate curve


Alternative Location / Use

Animated Systems, Lilas Installation, ZHA is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, in 2019 by: Osmin Josué López Avalos
Faculty Rodrigo Aguirre, Mohamad Elatab, Ivan Marchuk, Oana Taut