Our initial concept was to use Juxtaposition of tectonic elements to create diffused light within the gaps. In addition, 8 ribs radiate from the center to the bottom. These ribs serve two purposes; first of all and most importantly they are structural, in addition aesthetically because of how thin the surface is, the ribs cast a shadow. Moreover, taking into concentration the limitations of the 3D printers, none of the angles surpass 45 degrees and the thickness of the walls are optimized to minimize printing time (6:15 hours). Finally, the chosen material was opaque to minimize glare and create sharp shadows.


09_image_01_detail 09_image_02_full 09_image_03_light 09_image_04_process


Group 09 – 3D Printing

Gorani, Ghannam, Van Limburg Stirum, Frey