This assignment investigates the application of repeating parametric components, looping, and recursive strategies in the development of an architectural arrangement.

There is an architectural intervention in the pavilion by Mies van der Rohe with a recursive system that has a characteristic growth like nature, limited by the space provided. The existing pavilion offers a combination of open and closed spaces. In this exercise, the focus is on the closed spaces as a boundary to a growing element.

The exercise aims at combining physical generation by using the plugin Kangeroo and a growth loop with Anemone.

Starting from the architectural element of a wall, the design takes on a pandemic expansion in space, forcing its spatial arrangement. An organic architectural element, dividing space.







Algorithmic Emergence – Differential Expansive Growth is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by student: Alexander Dommershausen and faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre and Faculty Assistant: Ashkan Foroughi Dehnav