New Construction Scenarios for Sustainable Housing at the OTF Programme

The Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF) researchers have been recently working at the prototype of an innovative 3D printed wall, enhancing the design opportunities of on-site additive manufacturing towards the achievement of multi-purpose architectural systems.

In collaboration with WASP, the Italian leading company in 3D printers’ manufacturing, OTF has set this year its focus in proposing architectural solutions for affordable sustainable housing for, and partially built by, the people.

The prototype 1:1 represents a wall portion 40 cm thick, with timber elements interlocked, providing support for stairs and floor structures, accurately designed for being anchored to the printed part.

The printing process took 40 hours, with an overall material amount of 2 cubic meters, by modelling internally multiple surfaces able to confer both solidity and aesthetic expressivity. This work can be considered a first significant step towards the realization of load-bearing earthen structures. 

With this collaboration, WASP and IAAC underpin a strategic programme of shared projects, research and ongoing activities aimed at consolidating a network of partners across all sectors, from architectural design to university research, from humanitarian associations to international organisations such as already done by IAAC and UN Habitat.