The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) calls its 8th Advanced Architecture Contest as a global reflection to rethink human habitats, at a time when the fight for life and climate allows us to consider how we would like to live in the coming decades.

VYZR Technologies, BioVYZR: Venture Out & Breathe Easy, 2020

The objective is for students and professionals from all over the world to propose how to design our living environment, at whichever scale most interests them to promote and protect human life: how to rethink our bodies, how to design the objects that surround us, how to redesign the homes that we inhabit, what functions they must incorporate, how to grow communities or re-naturalize public spaces, how to reinvent our cities taking advantage of digital communications in times of confinement and broadly how we define our relationships with others in a time of changes.

Tan Handan, Hong Kong apartment, 2020

In these ways we want to inspire reflection on how we can accelerate our future using design in order to respond to the health, energy, food, production, environmental or social challenges of the coming years.

IAAC, Vicente Guallart , Laura Cantarella, Media House Project, 2003

We like to think that each person’s life begins at home, which is the center of their universe and the origin of their social interactions. In times of crisis like the present, we have been confined to our homes and they have become microcities where we live, work and rest, connected to the world through information networks. So, after this experience, how do you imagine the future for our living environment?

Lacatton & Vassal (photo Philippe Ruault), 59 Dwellings in Mulhouse, 2020

The contest encourages participants to propose a design related to their way of life, at the scale that most interests them from our bodies to the city, anywhere in the world, and that reflects different cultural, environmental, economic or social conditions.

ATT, Video Phone, unknown

The Jury includes internationally renowned architects and experts Carlo Ratti (MIT), Hernan Díaz Alonso (Sci-Arc), Sherry Lassiter (Fab Foundation), Michel Rojkin (Rojkin Architects), Lydia Kallipoliti (Cooper Union) and others to be announced.

The 3 Prizes (total value: 62.250 EUR) will be distributed at the discretion of the Jury and will include cash prizes and 3 Master Program at IAAC to choose from MAA01,  MAEBB, MDEF, MACT and MRAC.

Philippe Rham, Domestic Astronomy, 2009

All of the projects selected will be featured in a special book produced in partnership with the Actar publishing house as in the previous editions of the advanced architecture competitions.

Projects will be accepted until July 15th 2020 and the results will be announced on Tuesday 30th July 2020. An international exhibition featuring the selected projects will be organized at IAAC in December 2020.

Applications for the competition are free and will open on May 4th at: