Additive Manufacturing with Mud: Join OTF Midterm Presentations!

Next December 5th the Open Thesis Fabrication (OTF) students will be presenting the findings of their research at the Midterm review of the course. This year’s OTF is very much inspired by nature itself, with the theme of earth used in efficient habitable spaces.

Mud constructions, based on ancestral techniques which take advantage of local materials, are today a viable alternative to meet the world challenges in construction. Their ecological footprint close to zero is a huge advantage over global warming and the need to reduce energy consumption.

Additive manufacturing with mud have the potential to reintroduce this traditional material within our contemporary culture, answering the current exigencies of quality, cost and efficiency. New opportunities offered by this technology are yet to be explored, the goal of Open Thesis Fabrication 2017 ?18 is to design and build 1:1 scale passive house using unbaked clay, taking advantage of the latest computational tools and the additive manufacturing process.