MAA Students: Gamze Gunduz (Turkey) , Virat Kumar (India), Diego López Ibarra (Mexico) Studio: Digital Tectonics Studio Instructor: Marta Malé-Alemany, MAA Co-Director Project: Catenary with Crystals Student Summary: The aim of the project is to exceed the catenary principle, the ideal form of architecture, with the help of bouyancy and flexibility of threads while using crystals as ridifying material. For the time being, the project is in the state of exploring possible geometries and the material behaviour while the machinic part is improving. Simulation with Grasshopper In Final Phases of the Masters in Advanced Architecture program students attend one of three Research Studios: Self-Sufficient Buildings, Digital Tectonics or Emergent Territories. At the end of Phase II MAA Students presented their initial proposals. Throughout Phase III they have refined this research for their final presentations. This project is from the Digital Tectonics Studio which will present their projects on Monday, June 27th beginning at 10.30h. All presentations are open to the public. We invite you to come to see the MAA students present.