MAA Students: Jordi Portell i Torres (Spain), Martin Firera Alessandri (Italy), Ohad Yaacov Meyuhas (Israel), Julian Hildebrand (Germany) Studio: Digital Tectonics Studio Instructor: Marta Malé-Alemany, MAA Co-Director Project: Material Networks Student Summary: Material networks is about the development of a site-conscious  multi-material additive deposition process combined with a subtractive material recycling strategy. With this process we are able to generate desert dwellings which from the outside provide a very rough appearance which merges with the surroundings and features an inner climate based on natural airflow and cooling through convection. The architecture’s potential ranges from permanent desert housing  in the appearance of Nomads’ villages to bungalow units  for adventure hotels. ShopBot in action Recent developments: – Current machinic prototype for material deposition is being modified into a light weight structure. – Simulation of material deposition allows now for reliable simulation of deposition process before starting the physical deposition. – First material network has been printed on shopbot, more samples will be printed before the finals. Simulation with Processing In Final Phases of the Masters in Advanced Architecture program students attend one of three Research Studios: Self-Sufficient Buildings, Digital Tectonics or Emergent Territories. At the end of Phase II MAA Students presented their initial proposals. Throughout Phase III they have refined this research for their final presentations. This year final presentations will be held the week of June 27. All presentations are open to the public. We invite you to come to see the students present. More information will be provided closer to the week of presentations.