Homeless + hongKong = H+k= #domesticity


” the walls of hongkong are very restricted to the homless and the spaceless public zones.domesticity is new character to the city by observing the movement and behaviour of the people being inclusive of them in the city irespective of its fight for space.

Domesticity involves a freedom of architecture and its form admist in a city with no ground that is taking over the whole city with a high economy standards disregarding the people who built the city with their time.The charcter of person to be in search of roof for shadow is replicated and eclosed within this installation popping up as a movement to reclaim the city in spaces of its favour like the alleys and markets of hongkong taking its shelter and living like a structure.The space enclosed is cosy and a vision of freedom despite of the caged living in hongkong.The areas of focus here are based on the shadow movement layered over urban sprawl that are spaceless during the day with or without home that is surviving the high economy zones with its lightness and flexibility.


Hong Kong has been, throughout its life, a rapidly growing city, with more and more people calling it ‘home‘. It is the ‘home‘ part that this project wishes to especially focus on.

Given the history of Hong Kong having started as a trading port for the British Empire in the 1700‘s, it‘s growing economy lead to growing populations of migrants from both expatriates and mainland Chinese prospectives, thus creating a positive feedback loop that would lead to a complicated relationship between the government, real-estate, and the general public seeking living spaces- the most prominent consequence of which Hong Kong has one of the most notoriously expensive real estate rates of all time.

Mohamed Ifthikar Noordeen

Rana Mahran