Robot command

Plane and toolpath definition

From the design phase, we obtain the placing planes

From the robot setup, we have the pickup planes already – the pickup place is always at the same place relative to the robot

Using COMPAS transformations, we define the safe (approach and retract) planes by moving along the respective Z-Axes

Plane and toolpath definition

We define the following as collision objects:

  • The robot table frame
  • The sticks in the assembly
  • The movable stick attached the the robot gripper
  • The robot body

Motion Planning


UR Script

Leveraging the ur_fabrication_control library we are able to translate the Target Frames, IO controls and robot parameters into UR Script understandable by the robot.


Decoded Disorder is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Masters in Robotics and Advanced Construction, in 2021/2022


Students: Alfred Bowles, Vincent Verster…

Faculty: Daniela Mitterberger, Lidia Atanasova, Kathrin Dörfler

Assistant faculty: Daniil Koshelyuk