RS.II – Self Sufficient Buildings

Retrofitting Cluster


Interfering with a site can also be seen as a large-scale intervention of retrofitting.Retrofitting a building or a space requires a sense of consciousness along with conservation ethics.

Consciousness and awareness are crucial qualities that an architect should have ,an architect should be aware of social, cultural and historical values as well as the environmental factors when designing.

In this intervention on the site, hidden words of values, history and concepts were brought to daylight in an attempt to see what is unseen.Through making these words relatively visible, it was aimed to provide a point of view which could stimulate our awareness of the aspects we sometimes can overlook and develop a consciousness on this matter.

Along with the words emerging from the site, words that were introduced by the projects appearing on the site were also placed on relevant points.
The introduction of these words of concepts and aspects of the new projects on the site could help us observe and understand how architects can interfere with a space on a social level.

Through the intersections, contradictions and coexistence of these words we can see what unseen things we do.

Student: Oğulcan Üneşi
Faculty: Enric Ruiz Geli, Mireia Luzarraga