Wood Sort

Wood Sort is a design code that explores the possible configurations of a truss made by a limited selection of scrap wood.The optimization process deals with the following factors:

– Surface deviation; how well does the new set of diagonals meet the original surface
– Displacement; how much does the elements deform
– Mass: What is the total mass of the truss


As described in the pseudo-code above, the parameters that we are playing with ultimately leads to the fitness values of surface deviation; displacement of wood sections; and overall mass.

Video of Optimization Process:


Sorted by population, if green (best species),  if yellow (worst species)


Zoom 1

Zoom 2

Application of System;
Possible use of optimized truss – and falsework structures using a selection of timber cross sections.



Tutors: Aldo Sollazzo, Rodrigo Aguirre
Authors: Soroush Garivani, Amin Ziaie Bigdeli, Lars Erik Elseth