Project by Camila Fajardo, Anfisa Mishchenko, Zhiqian Liu & Yue Zhang







































The Steam Method


1.Set up your steam tool. The steam tool needs to cover as much surface as possible. While steaming test the wood bending, and go slowly, so the wood does not break.


2.Set up your form. The form is a shaped holder that receives the steamed wood. When dry, the wood will remain in shape of the form. The wood needs to be clasp down the wood to the form with clamps. To avoid clamp marks, use some wood pieces in between the clamp and the bent wood. 


3.Steam the wood while clamping. On average, the wood should be steamed one hour for each inch of thickness.


  1. After appropriate time, remove the wood from the form shaper.Let sit until the wood is completely dry.

Bend the wood gently and carefully. Different kinds of wood are springier than others and different cuts can withstand more force. Clamp the wood down as soon as is set in place. Clamping piecemeal may give you more flexibility and control.