The Character of cars movement in Barcelona Bogatell beach coast is mapped from the re-flux of wind as a source of energy for the drawing machine, thus creating the Wind Traces.

The drawing machine mapped the automobiles using the wind energy during different time periods of the day, thus explaining the speed of the car and the intensity of the wind relatively.

The joint precisely has been fabricated to increase the radius of the arm when the rotation of the machine is higher.

Drawings produced personifies the pattern of Traffic over the day .These drawing helps us to transfer the data on to the plaza for design programming.

ActivePublicSpace - Chenthur Raaghav -Varsha Subba Rao - photo 01 - lowres

The joinery of the arm producing the lines along an arc.



The pen can be suspended in different ways to produce more legible drawings.


final jpeg with text

A fan or turbine was suspended from an arm. 2 slender wooden rods were suspended from the turbine. The pens were attached to these rods.





The inner circles were produced in moments of less traffic, while the bigger radii were produced in the presence of fast moving traffic.



Wind Traces is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Introductiry Design Studio  in 2015 by:
Student: Varsha Subba Rao

Chenthur Raaghav
Faculty: Edouard Cabay and Rodrigo Aguirre