IMG-20131109-WA0011 The thought stems from the fact that wind although constant may not be strong enough to generate the required electricity and meet the demand required at all times. Also additional energy generated on otherwise windy days would be wasted if not stored. Furthermore the energy demand would also vary depending on seasons time of the day and other factors. Thus the idea is to store the energy that is generated. This could be of great use in Valldaura in order to light the dense regions in the forest area. It also hopes to develop into a module that is solar sensitive and can be controlled mechanically as well as thorough technology. The process included testing and development of the blades and the mechanism which was to be used. The device requires to the blades to have a large surface area to be able to gain the force to lift and drop a pump with the help of gears in order to allow compressed air to be stored. This air flows through a valve that would be used to spin a fan and generate electricity as and when required. The process is undergoing and aims to achieve better integration and output. Sheet 1-01