Kerf Bending

This laser cutting exercise explores the kerfing technique, trying to test the limits of bending wood through the generation of various laser cut patterns. Inspired by origami, the art of folding paper, the initial question for the creation of the lamp was: Can kerf bending turn into folding?
By trying to apply the origami concept the lamp was conceived as one single piece of plywood, where different patterns were to be applied at strategic parts to achieve the desired bending. In this way by manipulating the application of laser cut pattern as well as carefully placed joinery we were able to transform a flat sheet of plywood into a folded 3d-shape.

02-lamp-processLaser cutting

02-will-it-bend-lampThe final lamp design

02-lamp-detail                   Detail  view

Students: Samarth Agrawal, Sebastian Amorelli, Zina Alkhani

Tutors: Alexandre Dubor, Djordje Stanojevic, Kunaljit Chaddha
Fabrication Process – Laser Cutting
Material Used – 2.5mm Plywood
Cut Time – 40 minutes