Reinvention of the small gesture that brings people together


The Wi-Five is a response to bring human connection and interaction back during pandemic times. The gesture of the high-five is a symbol of congratulation, achievement, and solidarity between people and boost serotonin.  Since the pandemic, humanity is lacking the simple interactions that bring us joy. Wi-Five is a simulator of the high-five, allowing friends to greet each other from a distance.


Wi – Five is an exhibition experience with two ultrasonic sensors set up 4 meters away from each other (in respect to Covid-19 distancing regulations). Connected to the ultrasonic sensor is a DC motor that rotates once someone’s hand is within 25 cm of it. When an individual activates the DC motor, it spins the connecting hand. With another individual on the other side, both hands spin into a high-five. 

Flow Diagram


Listed below are the required components to construct device using an Arduino Uno.

Sensor – Ultrasonic

Actuators – DC motors



The diagram below shows the Arduino circuit set up to for the sensors (Ultrasonic) and the actuators (DC motors). Connecting the DC motor to the breadboard using Transistors and Diodes to GND.



Intro to Programming and Physical Computing -Wi-Five is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Masters in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) in 2021/2022 by:
Student: Rachel Busche ; Faculty: Angel Muñoz , Cristian Rizzuti, and Bernat Morato