Section G2

Design for the Experience Age

Senior Faculty: Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto

Computational Expert: Apostolos Marios Mouzakopoulos


Maria Andrea Gameros

Jorge Mauricio Casian

Pratik Dhamale

Ahmad Albaalbky


Also referred to as champas or asentamientos, the Arrabales are an important element of the Guatemalan urban fabric. According to the Population Reference Bureau, about 43% of Guatemala’s urban population are living in informal settlements. These settlements are highly variable, ranging from small single house settlements to large and complex neighborhoods. with various degrees of services and infrastructure. Informal settlements appear in places where the population is unable to maintain a quality of life due to various reasons such as shortage of employment opportunities, etc. These settlements can be found across the city, and tend to form in areas that are considered undesirable to live in due to a lack of infrastructre and connectivity and the proximity to waste management facilities and other simmilar services.

Informal Settlemets form in many areas around the world. These settlements are the result of inequalities, social segregation and many factors that cause economic stress on sectors of the society, While informal settlements tend to be considered a problem they are in fact the manifestation of larger socioeconomic issues. Hence the solution for these communites is to upgrade them, allowing the living conditions to improve and with them the quality of life of their inhabitants.

Our working strategy is  to identify the intangible network between the Informal Settlements to understand their formation,  location and relation with one another, in order to identify their growth potential. 

By identifying the missing services in these areas and locating them as points in the connectivity network, in order to make them more accessible, it is possible to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of these communities and ultimately help them assimilate with  the society.

 Please follow the following link for find the Video Animation that was projected over our topographical model during the presentation. This video was a crucial part of our Final presentation as it depicts various types of information pertaining our proyect.