plants Buildings are part of our main environment, they form part of our everyday life, it’s impossible to separate buildings from our infrastructure of cities. Building industry accounts for the biggest part of CO² emissions, so in order to continue having buildings in our infrastructure incentives for self-sufficient buildings should be made. Also to solve problems of mobility and transit people should receive incentives to stop traveling long distances and avoid using CO² emitting transports. New buildings should be merge with the natural environment instead of avoiding it, they should also prioritize and adapt to public transports to avoid the use of personal cars.    People tend to believe that what is financially profitable is not actually equivalent to positive impacts on social welfare because we are in a stage where sustainability and financial profit for developers are not aligned. Developers are only interested in personal, short term and monetary goods, leaving a side social welfare problems so obvious like breathing clean air that sooner or later will become major issues. Financial profit for developers and social welfare can become one, in order to do this we need to search for strong incentives that make developers invest in sustainability so that we can achieve the positive impacts on social welfare.