How can energy be drawn? can it be drawn by the nature of force acting on a still object without the interference of humans or any other external force?.. think so. The process goes like a series of “waves” that have a direction, but no destination.

we understand drawing as an essential form of expression of knowledge. The acts of communication that are deeper, more basic and effective are in the form of drawing. the trace of facts and things are revealed through their lines. The act of drawing is an innate instinct which characterizes us as human beings; it is ours and necessary, from the purest and radical expression of infants to the most absolute sophistication. In our manifesto we say that life is a drawing, we claim it for our essential condition as a transmitting media of the most universal and transversal experiences, ideas and emotions. In this case the proposal made here goes beyond; it questions the ideas and prejudices of what we understand and have integrated in ourselves through our own personal experiences. The reason, perhaps the necessity, takes us to look for the meaning of things; we want to find signals of supposed reality or, at least, of reasonable evidence that integrates our memory.

Description: Just how the right posture and the right tides are needed to surf, The humming wind and the high tides act as natural source of energy to produce drawings by a “Drawing Machine” made up of poly carbonate sheet and a block of foam which is left to float in the sea, acting like a “surf-board” moving back and forth, up and down, dependent on the sea waves and the wind velocity. The pens are held stagnant and still above the “surf-board” recording the movement and direction of the sea waves in the form of patterns. These patterns formed,suggest the effect of the wind on the waves, its direction and the force.

Source of Energy: Wind and waves




ActivePublicSpace - Khushboo Jain -Vishnu Jadia - automatic drawing - Sea-High Model Model