IMG_2199IMG_2197 The idea of our system was to create a repetitive movement for semi-spheral modules that are tuning 360 degrees around x axes. Each sphere consists of 4 fiberglass ropes that act like an engine for the neighborhood module, the structure is put into motion only by moving 1 element. Due to repetive parts the structure has possibility of endless connection and continious movement.   IMG_2196IMG_2198IMG_2206IMG_2200 We used fiberglass ropes for connection to 3d printed joints. Some of them were fixed in a middle of ropes to catch/push neighbor unit of structure and rotate it. We used 5 different kind of static ¬†joints, but after assembling them we created dynamic structure. As the base for the whole system served the board 600×600 mm. Group 21: Sviatlana Matushko, Maria Czajczynska, Jose Roberto Diaz Braga