DSC_3842 schemeThe exploration of the natural forms in the Catalan Modernism has been conceived with the water. In this tile the flow becomes both form and function. The organic form and natural topography seem to be the results of the natural shaping process the sea water produces by touching upon the sand bed. The topography of the tile represents the dualism between liquid and solid: what was once a product of the water flow now is the pathway which drives the water to some constrained estuaries. Tile by tile the continuos and smooth submarine environment takes form within the water and sand. DSC_3603The milling process has been evaluated with three different ballmills: a 12 mm diameter one to remove material, a 6 mm one diameter to mill the designed shape and a 3 mm ballmill to finish the outputs. DSC_3636Once the mold was finished we applied 4 coats  of sealer and let it dry. Then we applied a layer of vaseline so that the cement did not stick into the mold. Next step was to pour a mixture of cement, water and additives. The mixture dried for 8 hours. After taking the piece out of the mold, the surface has been cleaned out of the vaseline and the oil has been applied to uniform the finishing. To be continued… (once we have more tiles)