Water Splash Drop;

is part of the thesis project; ‘Hyper-Bridging’ from MAA 02 program, that focusing on the inter-connection linkage between city and the coastal / waterfront, to renovate the landscape of coastal city.
Using natural elements is important, one option is by bringing metabolic landscape architecture as the bridging system where waves splash drops is playing an important role as the direct in touch element of the project masterplan, to bring water and oxygen to the ground (the other part will be the act from the city towards the coast). Therefore this processing is trying to capture the splash drops movement in its simplest way.

The processing code is using class particles system as the concept to break down the water drops, and bring up the explode system to arrange the water burst drop points to represent the waves /splash after drops.ch04_04ch06_35To complete the processing program, it also use: class particle, arraylist, and float integers.

Below are the sequential pictures of the processing result of the water splash drops.

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