By dealing with the ambiguities and incongruities of material this research has led to define a new process or new methodology or system of basic building blocks through the material itself. This research focuses on fabrication techniques related to deposition of material underwater which response towards climate and creates its own microclimate. These bricks control the temperature difference from outdoor to indoor up to 20ºC. This test is performed by heating the outer surface at 50ºC for 8hrs continuously. The geometry gives up to 75% self-shading. Also, it retains moisture for 5-7 days when sprayed1 litter of water on the outer surface. The blocks are fabricating inside water, with different moulds and different sets of extruder position.
The process integrating solar behaviour, material deposition behaviour and material performance while combining with different material. So, with this process, the brick has low thermal conductivity, high self-shading and high moisture retaining properties.

Water acting as a backbone of this project. This research could be categories under Aleatoric design where water is a designer which is monitoring not only deposition spread but also height factor. Due to its viscous nature water reduces the gravity. It behaves as a scaffolding, helps to retain the lump shape through the mould and creates voids. Also, it increases the evaporative surface area, generate bumpier surfaces and avoid direct sunlight i.e. self-shading.

The process began with initials material accumulations experiments where its deposition and spread behaviour is analysed. These experiments are done by dropping gypsum paste inside water-filled container through the different moulds. So, twelve different moulds of the same family with fins of different length are defined and categories based on its axis.



Water Driven Building Block – is ongoing thesis for Climatic Matter Studio for, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2017/2018 by:
Student: Mohammad Akram Khan
Tutors: Jordi Pagès and Lluis Viu