IAAC – Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction
Workshop 3.2
Tutor: Ethan Kerber Chair for Individualized Production, RWTH Aachen University
Tutor’s Assistant: Kunaljit Chadha / IAAC
University collaborators: Chair for Individualized Production RWTH Aachen University and Robots in Architecture Research LLC
The workshop was an initial beta test of KUKA|crc (Cloud Remote Control) software development by Sven Stumm / Robots in Architecture Research LLC.



Photo creditsCopyright Chair for Individualized Production RWTH Aachen University


We are at a new stage of digitization.
We are experiencing incredible change in the way we work. Remote collaboration and work from home have become the new norm in office based industries. However, the construction sector comprises essential services that cannot be accomplished from a distance. Automated solutions offer the potential for remote operation and new means of human machine interaction. This workshop seeks to build remote capabilities and connections between designers and automated machines.

Learning Objectives

The goal is to build connections. This workshop will explore and develop process for:
– programming remote interactions
– communication & potential adaptation
– monitoring & onsite collaboration

KEYWORDS (individualized construction, robots, remote operation, Kuka|PRC)